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    The Call to Worship

    March 17, 2016
    The call to worship is an amazing gift from God, a blessing and door to unspeakable treasures. In worship we  see the wonder of Jesus and all He has given us.

    As we bless and praise Him our eyes are opened even more to His beauty and majesty and so the circle grows. We experience His life inside of us. Worship is living in His presence and enjoying Him in everyday life. It makes our hearts tender and eager to do His will. Worship opens the door to amazing wisdom and insight into all of our relationships at home, at work and in church. It is a response of love to the God who is love. Worship bends our knees in prayer and lifts our hearts in faith to experience mighty breakthroughs. We will ultimately become like who or what we worship. That means the real evidence of whether we worship in Spirit and Truth is becoming like Him in bearing fruit both in character and effective ministry.

    We start each week by worshiping together in song, prayer and the Word and we continue throughout the week in obedience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

    Pretty Awesome!

    Bless you

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