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  • Mar15Tue

    The Anointing

    March 15, 2016
    Some thoughts to encourage us press on to know the Holy Spirit and why it is so critical.

    Throughout history whenever God has awakened people to the depth of the Holy Spirit - churches, cities and even nations have been transformed. People have been set free from sin, sickness, poverty, hatred, demons. Jesus died for our sins but rose for our restoration. The gospel is the restoration of the damage done to all of us through sin.
    Many Christians have given up on having personal revival and power of God. We don't see ourselves as having the anointing to set people free. We struggle enough with our own problems.

    The truth is that the anointing is not just for a few spiritual super stars but for all Christians to unite together in opposing the work of the enemy. Jesus clearly passed His own mantle of ministry to the church and will work through us as we humble ourselves and surrender our will to Him. One anointed word of knowledge can save a life, one word of wisdom can avoid catastrophe.

    We need to take seriously Jesus' command to wait for the power of Holy Spirit to come upon us. There is more than one filling and we need fresh oil even if we were baptized in the Spirit in the past. We each need our own oil now.

    Our vision of pursuing the Holy Spirit this year is not just a nice idea but a response to the heart cry of God that is being experienced everywhere that people are listening for His voice.

    We are listening Lord. Please fill us Holy Spirit.

    We love you.

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