Check out this awesome video prepared by the Young People of ALCF on "Hope in Christ"

Each person who participated in this video expressed their personal revelation of what having hope in Christ has meant to them. We invite you to watch and hope that through our experiences you may discover for yourself another level of hope in Christ.

This video is about 14 minutes long, if you don't have the time to watch the whole thing in one sitting, feel free to watch individual parts that are of most interest to you. Just press play and the different parts will show up as options below the video.





Part 1> Jeremy - The irrefutable existence of hope
Part 2> Joanne - The power of hope to transform
Part 3> Christina - The hope of healing in Christ
Part 4> Faith - Hope when faith is weak
Part 5> Mila - Hope in the fellowship of the saints
Part 6> Jenny - Hope for a soft heart
Part 7> Dave - Hope in eternity